Recent Photos
Recent Photos

These fish are typical on any given day on the lower Sacramento River. Some of these photos are from the Pit River, the upper Sacramento and Hat Creek. Different places fish better at different times.



I specialize in customizing fishing excursions that fit your needs and desires. There is no fixed price per se. The starting price for 2 fishermen, Monday through Thursday, drifting the lower Sac, is $350 for a full day (meet at the ramp in the morning and fish until you say stop) drifting from the posse grounds to Bonnyview. During summer months we can usually get in two drifts a day; morning and evening with a break for lunch as we shuttle the vehicles. This special price assumes that you supply your own tackle (I will send you a list of necessary tackle) and we would be on our own for lunch (I can supply tackle and gear and a deli style lunch for a nominal fee). I will supply water and soft drinks and light snacks (chips, crackers, granola bars and fruit etc.).

Do you need me to supply all your gear and tackle? No problem; I use Orvis and Sage rods, SA and Hardy reels SA and Rio lines, flourocarbon leaders and tippets. I tie most of my own flies to match the current insect activity. I promise to work hard all day for you. I will tie your knots, change your flies, undo your tangles and keep you smiling with some really bad jokes too. I will point out photo opportunities and wildlife and do everything I can to make your time on the water memorable and fun.

A weekday (Monday thru Thursday) drift trip full package including all tackle, snacks, lunch and a shuttle service (one shuttle) is $400. The weekend price for the same trip is $450.

Half day trip (Posse Grounds to Bonnyview) $300

Evening float (Posse Grounds to 'Aqua Golf') $250

One poosible option that has been popular for out of town fishermen is the 'Split Day'. If your travel plans include an over night stay why not fish the evening of your arrival and again the following morning. This affords you the best parts of the day and you miss the mid day summer heat. It also eases the drive so you don't have to drive home in the dark after a long day on the water.

Wading/hiking trips and other floats that require more in expenses would start at $450 for a full day. This price includes transportation, and all tackle. Different seasons and water conditions may dictate where we fish of course. Call me (530-604-6854) for current conditions.

Right now the best fishing seems to be on the lower Sacramento River right through Redding. The salmon are on their way for their annual fall spawn dragging big trout and bigger steelhead in their wake. The fish seem to be spread throughout the system with bigger fish in the upper drift. The flows are clearing and holding steady.

'Prime Time' fall fishing is consistently the best. Temperatures hover in the 70's and 80's, and all the rivers run clear and are very fishable. There is some dry fly action on occassion and taking an 18 inch wild fish on 5x tippet can be a real challenge. Would you like to give it a try? Look for cooler overcast even drizzly days to produce the best fishing.

A popular and fun trip is a combination trip that includes a half day drift (afternon/evening) down the lower Sac and a morning wade trip on either the upper Sac or Pit river.

Is your fishing partner a bit overwhelmed by the tradtional/manual fly fishing tackle? Fishermen unfamiliar with the manual nature of standard fly tackle can find it cumbersome. I also use a spinning rig set up just like the fly tackle with floating (Hydro-float PLine) line, and indicator and the usual flies and sinkers. The casting is much easier and because the line floats it is mendable also. I am finding that this levels the playing field and because distance casting is not an issue, even first timers are finding significant success.


Where we fish:

Sacramento River (upper and lower) from Lake Siskiyou to Shasta Lake and Shasta Dam to Balls Ferry. The lower Sac is comfort fishing at its best, from a fully equiped 16' drift boat with 6wt rods and floating lines with multiple nymphs under and indicator. The upper Sac has many different personalities with everything from tiny riffles in Box Canyon and Cantera Loop to larger river like conditions from McArdle Flats down to Shasta Lake (bring your 4wt or 5wt rods and have some fun). This little gem is open to fishing all year but rain really changes this river. The fish at the bottom of this page is talking to you and he is saying to get here when the flows on the upper Sac are around 500 cfs.:-).

Pit River from its confluence with Fall River to Shasta Lake. This river can be a challenge to hike and wade but the rewards are worth the extra effort. The rainbows are fat and energetic and difficult to land. This spot is definately my personal favorite. The Pit is open all year and you can always find a stretch that wil produce action.

Hat Creek from powerhouse #2 to the Pit River. The early season seems to the most consistant with hatches of little yellow stones, green drakes, salmon flies, clouds of caddis and various mayflies. From opening day through June you will find excellent evening dry fly action.

Fall River from the headwaters down to Fall River Mills. The season here is usually early and the night time monster Hex hatch is as entertaining as fishing gets. It's like feeding sailboats to submarines:-). From opening day through mid July there are always fish to be had. Day time fishing is a bit technical and long drifts with light leaders (6x and 7x tippets) and small flies (#12 thru #20, have your eyes checked....LOL). 

Lewiston Lake from a motorized drift boat is about as easy as it gets with a solid casting platform and room for plenty of food and drink. This interesting destination can be hit and miss depending on flows and other factors that I am not sure anyone really understands. I like using an intermediate sinking line with small leech patterns or floating line with small nymphs under and indicator. There are some calibaetis hatches that can offer some surface excitement. In any case long casts are the rule with a good measure of patience.


The talking fish pictured below is telling you to book a trip!