Recent Photos
Recent Photos

These fish are typical on any given day on the lower Sacramento River. Some of these photos are from the Pit River, the upper Sacramento and Hat Creek. Different places fish better at different times.


Buddy and Lisa - Great people, good fishing


10/29.... Buddy and Lisa tried their luck and had success. Fishing was a bit tough and the warm suuny weather while comfortable was not optimum for the fishing. We had a lot of good drifts and Buddy was rewarded with a few nice fat rainbows. Lisa had a number of grabs but the one that broke her off offered a real learning moment of what it is like to hook a big powerful lower Sac Rainbow. Buddy and I both exclaimed, "Give him some line!", just before he popped off.


Mike strikes again


10/25.... It was a bit windy but warm that day and we fished in shorts... Mike landed a couple really nice ones and a couple small ones too. The lower end of the float below Cypress didn't offer much action. Just one solid hook up that we played to the boat and lost. :-(  The most interesting hook up was below the Sundial bridge. Mike got a strike and he was right on it as usual. The indicator came right back up to the surface and we assumed we missed him. Just as mike gasped the indicator took off again and the fight was on..... It was a solid 17 incher you see in the photo.


Patrick and Yvonne

10/24... Patrick finally landed one late in the day..... We had a many opportunities but the fish decided to use the auto catch and release option. We drifted from the posse grounds to Anderson and in retrospect we should have done the top portion twice as that is where the action seemed to be. The weather was great and the company was fun so a good time was had by all. I think the funny part is that Yvonne took the picture and the net hid Patricks face...... Oooops!


Matt and Casey on lower Sac

10-21.... Matt and Casey had a warm sunny day on the river. There was a slight learning curve and casting the indicator and flies and sinkers etc... was a bit of a challenge, but we got the hang of it. The fishing was tough and the fish did not cooperate with us. We gave it the old college try though. Matt landed the only noteworthy fish and it was a beauty. The flows were recently lowered to 7000 and perhaps that put off the bite. We had fun anyway.


Another good day on the Trinity

10/16..... Cade is a real good caster and the fish cooperated with him with 4 big adults and 2 16 inchers and a bunch of little guys (6 inchers) too. The buck pictured above was about 5lbs (maybe a bit more). Todays fish were bigger in general. We had action all morning under overcast skies and a bit of a lull in the mid afternoon and a strong finish as Cade stuck two beauties as the sun was setting. THe flows are at 300cfs and unless we get some rain they will stay that way.