Recent Photos
Recent Photos

These fish are typical on any given day on the lower Sacramento River. Some of these photos are from the Pit River, the upper Sacramento and Hat Creek. Different places fish better at different times.


Upper Sac (in the rain)

10/5.... It was still raining a bit and the upper Sac below Sims was noticably high and murkey. It was tough to wade and hard to see the slots. We moved up to the Castella area and managed to land a few small fish. The water was a bit clearer above Castle Creek. I am sure with a dry day or two things will be back to normal.


The lower Sac on Sunday

10/2/11....Bill and Teresa both had at least one really nice wild rainbow with the occasional 'swing and a miss'. We did see a few salmon and a family of otters as well as a beaver. Fishing was a bit slow with the incoming low, but we had the most luck below the Cypress St. bridge. The cool weather was nice and the although the flows bounced around a bit a good time was had by all.


upper Sac on Saturday

10/1/11....The upper Sac has been producing well, Bill and Teresa and Roberta fished a couple of hours in the evening but the fish were a bit tough. Although Roberta did land one really nice 18 incher. The other several fish were small 8 to 12 inches. We only had one hook up on a dry just at dark but not many fish were rising. The berries were about gone too. We need some rain.....!


Hat Creek

9/24.... Slow is the only thing to describe Saturday evening on the Hat. It is not exactly the season for it but I happened to be in the neighborhood so I thought what the heck  There were about 6 of us dotting the riffles below the powerhouse #2. Other than the fish pictured I didn't see anything over 8" caught. A couple of fellas thought their chances were best my standing right in the middle of the riffle....Ooooops! It is always a pretty place to be but the fish had other ideas that evening.


Morning on the lower Sacramento

9/20.... Bill and Miriam enjoyed their first ever fly fishing adventure. They picked up their new reels and other gear that morning and we put together their rods and reels and went over all the knots and talked some strategy. Since it was their first time fly fishing a crash course in casting was in order. They took to it well and we headed out.

Casting and managing the line always takes some skill and when you throw in a few strikes to boot it was a hectic morning. Miriam missed a few takes as she enjoyed the view and the natural beauty. Bill finally got on the board with feisty rainbow down by Cypress St. Those darn barbless hook cost us a few fish. But a good time was had by all!