Recent Photos
Recent Photos

These fish are typical on any given day on the lower Sacramento River. Some of these photos are from the Pit River, the upper Sacramento and Hat Creek. Different places fish better at different times.

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Upper Sac continues to be good

8/24.....The dry fly fishing on the upper Sacramento river remains good to great. The blackberries are ripe and the the lower river is full of eager 14" to 17" wild rainbow trout. There are even some bigger ones lurking around but its hard to target them with all the commotion of the mayflies, caddisflies and of course the other rising fish.

I have been running combo trips for some folks that arrive the day before their float trip on the lower Sac. It is a short 40 minute trip up I-5 to some really sweet spots. The water is low but still cool and seems to hold a lot of fish right now.

I have been using 4wt. rods 12' leaders with 5x (maybe 6x) tippets. The rises don't look like much but you figure it out fast when the line begins to peel off your reel as the fish head for safety,  then it's down stream to fight them and land them.  Bring a headlamp so you can tie on a new fly in the dim evening light.

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