Recent Photos
Recent Photos

These fish are typical on any given day on the lower Sacramento River. Some of these photos are from the Pit River, the upper Sacramento and Hat Creek. Different places fish better at different times.

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Upper and Lower Sacramento

9/17 - 9/18......After a brief trip to Idaho for some monster steelhead and king salmon I am back behind the oars on the lower Sac and hiking the upper Sac. Fishing remains good in both places. The evening hatch has been consistant on the upper Sac below Gibson Rd. The fish are strong and are taking dries like they have never seen one before.... They must be 'Lakers' coming up from Shasta Lake hungry and aggresive. They are a bit on the stupid side so skip 6x and go to 5x tippet. use a #16 (even a #14) PMD and/or a small dark caddis. I prefer the PMD because I can see it :-).

The lower Sac has been good also, on 9/18 Roberta hooked 6 and landed four between 5:30 and 7:30. All the fish were taken between Cypress St and Bonnyview. The fish seemed to like the poopah and the PMD/PT (a fly of my own creation). A #14 PT would probably work too.

The weather will begin to cooperate next week too. Temps will drop into the low 90's and high 80's which ir really excellent weather for Redding.


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