Recent Photos
Recent Photos

These fish are typical on any given day on the lower Sacramento River. Some of these photos are from the Pit River, the upper Sacramento and Hat Creek. Different places fish better at different times.

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Upper/Lower Sacramento combo

8/31...We did a combo trip.... the upper Sac for an evening of dry fly fishing and a morning/afternoon drift from the posse grounds to Bonnyview.

The upper Sac was a bit slow in the McArdle Flats area. We nymphed while the sun was on the water and landed a few dinks. We switched to dries (sparsly dressed pmd's) as soon as we saw a few splashes. We landed a few smallish fish (9 to 12 inches) then switched to a small dark caddis and even though it was tough to see (we were 'zone striking'...LOL) we did catch two nice fish about 15 inches as the light was fading.

9/1.... The lower Sac was fun as usual. The float netted 8 fish for the two anglers (father and son). The teenage son caught the a nice 18" 'bow just before the riffles at the posse grounds and played it through the fast water..... We moved into the hold water just below and released the beauty. dad was proud and maybe even a bit jealous..... :-) Dad exacted some revenge by having the hot hand the rest of the trip. Who says the back of the boat in a handicap...?


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